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1. What is Personalized Travel?

    Personalized Travel is travel as whatever you want, go to see what you really want to see, to eat what you really want to eat, to stay in where you really want to stay, and to experience what you really want to experience. After all, you are the boss.

2. The Benefit of Personalized Travel:

    a. Enjoy the personalized service which will meet your desire.

    b. You'll always feel relaxed, never be rushed, no matter where you go.

    c. Enjoy more flexibility and privacy.

3. We provide excellent services which ensures your comfortable feeling of being at home when traveling with us.


    We would like to build friendly and cooperative relationships with all the travel-related companys and organizations in the world based on equality and mutual-benefit. And we would like to link our website with your's.


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    Recently, we have found that many of our package tours and pictures have been copied by some other travel services, so my dear readers, if you find that you have seen some similar tour routes and pictures in other websites, please donít be surprised. After all, we have been in China tour business for 8 years, so we can understand that some of our practical experiences are worth to be copied.

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About Us

 China Yunnan Exploration Travel Service is a leading expert in organising small group tours in all China. Since 1995, we have received many travelers from all of the world. We offer eight categories of tours: China Classic Tour including Yangtze cruise; China Adventure Tour including hiking, trekking, cycling, mountain climbing, 4wd driving, rafting; China Minority Tour; China Photographing Tour; Tibet Tour; China Ecology Tour; China Culture Tour; China Golf Tour. These categories cover a wide variety of itineraries for you to choose from. With China enter into WTO, we also organise business tours and conference tours to help foreign businessperson to learn more about China's huge market and to build connections with their counterparts in China. We are also very good at taking care of disabled travelers, let them feel very comfortable to travel with us. Besides organising tours, we also pay great attention to enviroment protection. In 1996, we organised a big group to the base camp of Mt.Everest and picked all the rubbish there, this tour, called "Polish the Summit" has been widely reported in China. We also care about the poor people living in remote areas, each year, before Christmas, we organise a Charity Tour to Gongdongqing, a Miao ethnic village about 80 km north of Kunming, to donate money, books and old clothes to these Christian villagers. Now we have spread our business to every corner of china. Many of our tours are for those seeking adventure. Some of our expeditions expose participants to the rich culture, wildlife, and history of China. Our tours are purposely routed to remote destinations that are virtually untouched by the modern world. We continually research new destinations and activities that are unusual and off the beaten path.

    With its breathtaking scenery and multi-ethnic cultures, China has a lot to offer all travelers. Traveling China is an experience of a lifetime. Not only is there beautiful scenery and fascinating historical monuments, but there is the culture and the wonderful people that live there. The Chinese people are proud of their heritage and give a warm welcome to foreign visitors. They are also politely curious about those visiting their country from far away places and you will find it easy to get a smile or make a friend in your China travels.

    China travelers often see the country as part of an organized tour due to language and cultural barriers. Larger groups always have a professional knowledgeable guide. "Escorted Tours" offer the advantage of a private professional guide that you can get to know personally as you travel with a smaller group that can be limited to just family and friends. We arrange both large and small group tours and specialize in vacation planning. We pride ourselves in helping people plan the vacation adventure that is right for them. Even only one person coming, we also can provide personalized service for you.


About China Yunnan Exploration Travel Service

    WWW.TOPTRIP.CC is the largest English source of travel-related practical, reliable and no-nonsense travel information for business executives and tourists visiting China. We are a leading provider of branded online travel services for all the travelers. Since launching our online travel service in March 28th 1995 (license No L-YN-GN01146), at when we started e-business trip service, we have experienced significant growth and enjoyed quite a high reputation in the international tourism market by offering top-ranking service to clients. Catching hold of eyes both at home and abroad, we have built extensive business relationship with customers. For our official identity, you can visit the website of China National Tourism Administration, tap in L-YN-GN01146, then you will find us.

What can you expect from us? 

    A. Full-scale travel information ranging from brilliant 5000-year Chinese history and culture to customized trip plans. Up to now, we have the richest and detailed China travel routes.

    B. You may find us an omnipotent guide to China after you browse our table of contents (highly recommended) and customized tours ensure that your traveling experience will be rewarding and enjoyable.

    C. Prompt On-line Reservation by which your direct booking will eliminate the contribution of intermediaries.

    D. The best of the best service, which ensures your comfortable feeling of being at home when traveling with us.

What can we promise?
    A. The best China Value. Shop around and you'll see that our China adventure is beyond compare both in terms of the unique experiences it offers, and the overall cost. No one else provides such intimate yet well-rounded views.

    B. Comfort throughout China. No matter which route you choose from our China Classic Tour routes, you'll always feel relaxed, never rushed. And at the end of each day, you'll retire to comfortable, distinctive lodgings that make you feel pampered and well cared for, while giving you unique insights into Chinese life and history.

    C. Flexibility and Choice. Our travel service offers special tailored tour plans to satisfy your interest. Flexibility within a 20-day-ahead cancellation will be acceptable should you find your scheduled plane had suddenly been cancelled or you can choose an alternative itinerary adaptive to your convenient schedule.

    D. Discount. If you book a tour 6 months in advance and pay the reservation fee which is 10% of our web quotation, we will give you a 10% discount. If you book 3 months in advance and pay the reservation fee, we will give you a 5% discount.

    E. More Enriching Discovery. Head off the beaten path, where larger groups can't go. you'll participate in a tai chi demonstration... visit a local elementary school... to learn firsthand what its like to be part of Wu Shu (the martial art) of China ... tour the old hutong neighborhoods of Beijing ... dine in authentic, local restaurants and in residents' homes ... and enjoy the special camaraderie of small group travel.

Why trust us?

    A. We're experienced at Running business in tourism field for 6 years, Our experienced experts team ensure any of your personal requirement fulfilled. Leading travel service as ground handlers to guarantee the service quality.

    B. Unparalleled service and unbeatable price make each dollar you spent deserved.

    C. Personalized service to satisfy your special preference.

Apr.,1995, participate in Singapore International
Tourism Fair

1999, participate in Kunming International
Tourism Fair

About our manager
Know more about our experienced work team...

If you have any question on our web site, please contact us:

How to pay us?

    It's very easy. Just wire transfer your tour fee (in USD or EUR) to our bank  account at the address as below:

 USD Account

 Beneficiary Name: Jin FeiBao
 Account Number: 9161 8001 4020 0000 790
 Beneficiary Bank: Kunming Renmin Xilu Branch, Bank of China
 Address: #181 Renmin Xilu, Kunming, Yunnan, China
 Tel: 0086-871-5344458

  EUR Account

  Beneficiary Name: Jin FeiBao
  Account Number: 0156 6038 0200 0000 51
  Beneficiary Bank: Kunming Gaoxin Kafaqu Branch, Bank of China
  Address: #350 Renmin Xilu, Kunming, Yunnan, China
  Tel: 0086-871-8336560

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