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    China Yunnan Exploration Travel Service is a tour operator specialized in soft adventure travel in China. We represent quality travel service, seasoned experience and a record of success in the travel industry in China.

    If you enjoy the countryside and love nature, our program is for you. If you are curious about Chinese history and culture, our tour is for you. If you love privacy and enjoy special arrangements, our program is for you. If you are an adventure traveler or an outdoor sports person, our travel program is for you.

    There is no greater driving adventure than a self-driving tour across China. It's exciting, memorable, and educational. Have you ever imagined yourself observe giant pandas in their natural habitat? To drive to the "Roof of the World"? To trace the Silk Road? To listen to the whispers of the never-ending meadow land in Mongolia? Or simply wanted to learn more about ancient - or modern - China?

    Here is your chance!

    WWW.TOPTRIP.CC offers expert-guided, self-driving tours that will satisfy all your curiosities and fantasies. we proudly present the first ever China Self-Driving Tour to our adventure tour fans, adventure tour operators, and friends worldwide.

    Imagine yourself driving in a comfortable 4wd jeep across the beautiful landscape of China to see the giant pandas in their natural habitat. Volunteer for a day at the world's only Panda Conservation and Research Center to learn more about this endangered species.

    Imagine yourself tracing the ancient silk road, admiring the Padala Palace in Tibet, walking along the bank of the 2,000 year-old Dujiangyan irrigation systems still in use today, and passing cross Gezhou Dam in the middle of the Yangtze River to understand the socio-geo facets of this ancient land;

    Imagine yourself dancing with the wonderful people of remote southwestern China, bathing in the blessed waters of Li River, meditating before the Leshan Giant Stone Buddha, or learning more about Dai or Tibetan peoples, their costumes, and the natural beauty of their land;

    Imagine yourself admiring the thousand-year-old Dazhu Rock Carvings, and the colorful paintings on the walls of the rock caves, wondering at the arts and rich culture of China. Imagine yourself cruising cross Three Gorges of the Yangtze River; visiting the "Ghost City" along the way; and losing yourself in the exotic Stone Forests;

    Imagine yourself walking along the Bund in Shanghai-the "Wall Street of the East", shopping at world-class boutiques on Nanjing Road, and climbing to the top of the Shanghai TV tower to see the modern cityscape in this "Land of Adventurers" of the past.

    WWW.TOPTRIP.CC can make your dreams come true!

    We offer a fleet of 4wd jeeps and experienced crews to guarantee your safe, comfortable, and memorable tour. You will receive first-class services at affordable and competitive rates. Most of all, you will have the unforgettable experience of a lifetime - an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

    Contact us today and we'd be delighted to provide you with the information you need. Visit our website which provides answers to most frequently asked questions. If you need further help, please send email to


    At the moment, four routes are available for you to choose:

    Panda Conservation and Research;

    Exotic Shangri-la;


    Pilgrimage to the "Roof of the World" (Tibet);

    Self-drive the Entire Silk Road;

   The above four program itineraries are provided for your information. More routes and new programs will be added in the months to come. In the meantime, we are able to custom make special arrangements such as choosing your own route or using your own automobiles, for tours upon individual request. We also specialize in very private tours, presidential tours, and very small group tours with special demands.


Self-Driving tours with your own automobile or motor bicycles

    In the past, it was a luxurious desire for overseas tourists to travel by driving their own automobiles. But now we can turn your dream into reality. No matter you join by driving your own automobiles or motor bicycles, or you come for a adventurous tour, or a sight-seeing or just for transfer, we can and are willing to provide you any services you need. During the process of intensive contact, we need your information as below:

    What kind of vehicles and how many will you drive to China, number of participants and their nationality. 

    Interested route, duration, entry and departure ports, itinerary. 

    Nature of the tour, is it sight-seeing tour, investigation tour or adventurous one?

    After we receive such information, we will keep in close contact with you to work out a detailed itinerary that will satisfy your need and be accepted by you. After this, we come to the stage of fulfilling itinerary which requests you to provide following material:

    Color pictures of each vehicle (2copies),their models, copy of vehicle identification including number of the vehicle body, serial number of the engine, type of fuel, original number of license plate, country of region it belongs to, color of the body and so on. And remember to tell us the present value of each vehicle.

    Information about the tourist to drive in China: Copy of his or her passport,5 photos identical to that on the passport, his or her occupation, copy of the driving license. 
List of logistic supply equipment and their value, such as spare parts of automobiles, camping facilities, communication appliances like GPS system and satellite-transmitted telephones.

    Confirmed route, itinerary, entry and departure ports, service items requiring us to enter into the contract.

    Based on these, we start to apply for and obtain following permits and formality necessary for your proposed tour in China. This process may request 2-3 months.

    To apply for a written reply released by related department of Chinese Government to allow automobiles to enter into China and travel permits to ensure the tour legal and operable.

    To obtain temporary travel licenses, license plates and pay various fees such as road toll and purchase insurance for automobiles.

    To obtain temporary driving licenses and buy insurance for tourists to drive in China. 
To finish all customs formalities for automobiles to pass through the entry ports. 
As soon as we finish all the work mentioned above, we wait for your coming.

    National tour guide will escort you in the journey to give any necessary service, e.g. hotel reservation, food booking, visits to scenic spots, coordinating and dealing with affairs and problems arising during the journey so as to keep the tour going smoothly. If there are more than 4 automobiles in a group, we are certainly to arrange a guide car.

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