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Panyu, Guangdong Province

     Off all the counties in south Guangdong, Panyu has the longest history which leads far back to the year of 33 Qing Dynasty (214 B C), with 20 towns and an economic & technological development zone, 1313.8 square kilometers in area and a population of 860 thousand people.
    Panyu is a plain with the beautiful surrounding of Pearl River Delta and with crisscross rivers in the city. It's one of the most well-developed areas in economy and famous for her commercial grain, fruits, vegetables, sugar cane production base and has always been called "the land of fish and rice" as well as "a land of culture".
    Panyu is convenient in land and water transportation, with the city seat-Shiqiao as the centre, trunk highways radiate to every direction. Yinbin Road and Nansha Avenque are the first-class highways with six lanes and is the juncture of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai expressways under construction Lianhuashan Port and Nansha Port are the open ports of passengers and freight transport. There are many regular passenger ships to and from Kowloon & Hongkong every day.

    The "Eight Typical Scenic Spots" in Panyu are "Lianhuashan Tourist Resort", "Feilong World Fun City", "Fantasy Film City", "Tianhou Palace", "Yuyin Garden", "Golden Lock-impregnable fortifications" (Hendang Island Resort), "Zini Baomo Garden", "Panyu Museum", in addition to this, "New Tide Falls Resort", "Shawan Liugeng Garden", "Nansha Region of Rivers", "Neilingding Cruise", etc. are all merit visiting. "Xiang Jiang Safari Park", "View of Agriculture in Hualong Town", "Henli Modern Ecology Agricultural Farmland Resort" will be completed and open.
    Panyu has been brought into Guangzhou city.

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