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Changchun, Jilin Province

    Situated in Jilin Province, Changchun City is the provincial capital and important machine building base of China. Its area is 18881 square kilometers with a population of 6.46 million.
    Changchun City is located at the middle part of Songliao Plain. It belongs to semi-moist monsoon climate with an annual temperature of 4.8ºC, annual average precipitation of 611 mm and frost free period
    Of 140-150 days. In mineral resources, there are coal, petroleum, limestone, zeolite, sodium base grease clay and marble etc.
    In industries, machine building takes the main position, beside which there are foodstuff, textile, building materials, metallurgy and medicine etc. Its vehicle building takes the lead in the country, which is one of the main centers of manufacturing heavy-duty lorry, sedan car, railway-carriage and city track vehicle, while the tractor building and pharmacy have occupied a certain position in the country as well. In agriculture, wheat, soyabean, sorghum, maize, sunflower and different kinds of hemp take the main position. Sika breading is famous here, while the output of pilose antler takes the lead in the whole country.
    Changchun City is the important rail hub in the middle part of northeast China. The highway communication is convenient. It has periodic scheduled flight with 20 odd cities in the country.
    Roads and streets of Changchun City are well laid out with green shade, having the reputation of "forest city". It is cool in summer with pleasant weather, hence a famous summer resort, while in winter ice and snow freeze hundreds of miles, which are fit for holding sports on ice. Jingyuetan (neat moon lake) scenic area is the major area of scenic beauty of Sate. Besides, there are other Places of historic interest and scenic beauty like ancient pagoda of the Liao Dynasty and historic relics of Treasure Mountain, Nanshan, etc.

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