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Jilin, Jilin Province

    Jilin city lies in the middle and southern part in Jilin province. It is the base of chemist and power industry in China. It is 27,120 square kilometers in area. The population is 4.17 million.
    Jilin is in the mountain area of Changbai Mountain, and also in the plain area of Songliao Plain. The topography here mainly is hilly lands and lower mountains. It is the semi-humid monsoon climate in the temperate zone. The average temperature is 4.5 degree Celsius and the average precipitation is 750mm. The mineral resources are coal, gold, iron, sulphur, iron, nickel, black crystal, silver and asbestos. Jilin abounds in forests and hydroelectric power.
    Major industries include chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, paper-making, electron and machine. Among them, chemical industry is the most important one. The chemical fertilizer, dyestuff and calcium are well-known in the whole country. Alley iron, carbon, minicars, machine-making paper and chemical fibre are in the important places in China. In agriculture, the output of wheat, corn, rice, Chinese sorghum and beet is very high.
    Especially, Jilin is the main product area of beet. The railway and highway systems here are both convenient. The planes here can take you to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and many other cities. The two ways of water-transportation are Songhua River and the second Songhua River.
    Songhua Lake is the important place of interest in China. Also, there is Jingyue Pool, TianPool in Changbai Mountain, the ruin of Gaogouli capital city in Jilan, etc. And every winter, the fog in Songhua River can get together in the pine needles and willow needles, the scene looks like some crystals and very beautiful. So it becomes the wonder of Jilin. Some people call it Jilin Shugua.
    The traditional specialties are white wine, fur of marten, pilose antler, ginseng, edible fungus and fowl.

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