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Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

    Suzhou lies in the southern part in Jiangsu province and to the East of Tai Lake. It is one of the main industrial centers in China.
And it is also an important tourism city. It is 8488square kilometers in area. The population is 5.7 million.
    Suzhou is in the lash plain in the Changjiang River. The topography here is low, it is covered by a lot of rivers. And near the Tai River, there is lowland. It is the monsoon climate in inferior torrid zone. The average temperature is 15.5 degree Celsius, the average precipitation is 1,100mm. The black frost period can last 233days. Suzhou abounds in water and soil. And also, there is mountain soil, glass sand, zinc, lead, rock and so many other mineral resources.
    Suzhou is the center of cotton, silk and wool. The silk knit goods here are in the first place in China. The export of silk can occupy 30 percent in the whole country. It is also the base of electric industry. The country industry is developed, it can occupy 60 percent of the total output value. Suzhou Industry Garden is built and it is nearly 70 square kilometers in area. The agriculture here is developed too. Suzhou is the product base of commodity grain and oil grain. The output abounds in cotton, cocoon, fresh-water fish, pigs and fruit. The railway, highway and inland water transport are all convenient. Zhangjiagang port is the important gateway of Sunan's open policy. Big ships can be moored here. Also, there are more than 10 international airlines. In Suzhou, there is China Silk Travel Festival on Sep 25th every year.
    Suzhou is a historical city in China. Some people call here the East Venice, because of the rivers, the bridges and the condition of the people who live here. Suzhou Garden is the symbol of the buildings in Jianghan. It's famous for its lakes, hills and the gardens. The traditional specialties are jasmine tea, Su-taste cakes, sandal fans, Song brocade, lacquer ware, embroidery and drawn work.

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