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Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province

    Jiujiang lies in the north of Jiangxi Province and stretches out along the southern bank of the Yangzi River. Because of its prime location, it is not only a hub of transportation but also an important industrial and commercial city in southern China. It has an area of 18,823 square kilometers and a population of 4.13 million.
    The topography of Jiujiang is various. The eastern region is flat with some hills. Part of Jiujiang (about 230 thousand hectares) is covered by Lake Boyang. Jiujiang has a subtropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 17ºC, and 280 frost-free days.
    Annual rainfall averages 1,500 millimeters.
    Jiujiang is rich in forest and aquatic resources. It also has many mineral deposits, including gold, copper, tungsten, limestone, silica, and molding sand.
    The major industries of Jiujiang include textile, shipbuilding, petroleum chemicals, machinery, power, construction materials, food processing, and mining. Jiujiang is a large grain region, and also produces cotton, jute, tea, timber, and fish.
    Situated in the central Yangzi River Valley, Jiujiang is a very important port. Almost all boats plying the Yangzi River call in here. The Jingjiu railway line runs across Jiujiang and directly links Jiujiang with Hunan and Anhui Province. Road transportation facility here is also perfect.
    There are many tourist attractions in Jiujiang, such as Lushan - one of the most famous scenic areas in China. the Hanbo Lake, the Sandie Spring, the Donglin Temple, and the Bailudong Ancient School. The special products of Jiujiang are Lushan Yunwu tea, osmanthus flower tea, crisp candies with osmanthus flowers, Chinese sturgeon, whitebait, hilsa herring, partridges, and fungus.

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