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Xi'an, Shaanxi Province

    Xi'an is in Shaanxi province, it is the provincial capital and it is the chief base of industry. As a whole, Xi'an covers an area of 9983 square kilometers and has a population of 6230000.
    In Xi'an, the southern part is higher than the northern part. Qingling Mountain is in the south and Guanzhong plain is in the north. Wei River flows from the west to the east. It has monsoon climate in warm Temperate Zone. The annual average temperature is 13.3ºC. The annual precipitation is 580mm. And the black frost period can last 207 days. Xi'an abounds in mineral resources. Mainly, there is iron, copper and marble, etc. Agricultural and terrestrial heat resources are abundant too.
    The industrial system embraces such divisions of industry, as there is machinery, chemical engineering, textile, electronics, building materials, metallurgy and grocery. Among them, some kinds of the industries are in the important place in China. Such as electronic, textile, aviation, airplane, medicament, starter and so on.
    In agriculture, there is marketable grain, cotton and animal husbandry. The output of rape peanut, sesame seed, vegetables, fruits and herb medicine, etc.
    In Xi'an, the railway and the highway are very convenient. The airplanes can take you to nearly forty cities both in China and abroad.
    Xi'an is a famous historic and cultural city. From the 11th century BC onwards, Xi'an or its vicinity was established as the capital city by 11 feudal dynasties successively, including the Western Zhou, the Qin, the Han, the Sui and the Tang. It served as an ancient capital beyond compare with regard to the number of dynasties and span of time. The well-known places of interest are Banpo Museum, The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, The City Wall and so on. Li Mountain scenic spot is the most famous one. The Museum of the first Qin emperor and his terra-cotta warriors and horses are called the 8th marvelous spectacle in the world. The traditional specialties are porcelain, paper-cut, embroidery, and shredded pancakes in mutton and beef soup.

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