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   December 9, 2001

Heilongjiang Province, China

image of Harbin    Heilongjiang Province (Hei for short ) is situated on North-East China border area, covering an area of 460,000 square kilometers and with a population of 35.26 million.
    Its topography is characterized by the plains interspersed with mountains, and the landscape inclining from north-west to south-east, and low-lying and flat on south-west and north-east.
    Located on northern part of North-East China Plain, Heilongjiang has the majority of its rivers belonging to the Heilongjiang River system. The Songhua River is the image of Jingpo Lake largest tributary in the Province.
    It has a cold temperate to temperate and humid to semi-humid climate. It is abundant in forest and land resources. Its soil is fertile. Among minerals, coal, petroleum, gold, graphite etc. hold a key position in China.
    Heilongjiang is one of principal areas of land reclamation and cultivation in China. Its main crops include wheat, soybeans, beet, flax and sunflower which all occupy a significant place in China.
    Heilongjiang is China's most important base of forestry, ranking No.1 in both timber reserve and production. The Greater and Lesser Xingan Mountains are its major forest area.
image of Ice Ligeht in Harbin     The main industries comprise machine-building, coal, petroleum and timber processing, in addition to paper-making, beet-sugar refinery, petro-chemicals, flax-textiles, power-generating equipments, industrial boilers etc. Harbin, Qiqihaer, Jiamusi and Mudanjiang are its major industrial centers. Daqing is one of China's most important bases of petroleum industry.
    The railway plays the major role in the province's communication, and together with the highway, inland waterway, and air-flights forms an transport network radiating in all directions.
    The boundless great plain, the magnificent forests, snow-bound mountains and the unique regional culture are all very impressive to tourists.

8 Days Northeast China Classic Tour
Includes: Harbin, Jilin, Changchuan, Shengyang & Dalian

Map Of Heilongjiang

The Cities Of Heilongjiang



The Scene Spots Of Heilongjiang

Jingpo Lake


The Ethnic Minority In Heilongjiang

The Manchu ethnic minority

The Korean ethnic minority

The Ewenki ethnic minority

The Daur ethnic minority

The Hezhe ethnic minority

The Oroqen ethnic minority

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