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   December 9, 2001

Jiangxi Province, China

image of Mt. Lushan    Jiangxi province, called 'Gan' for short, lies to the south of the Yangzi River valley. It has a total area of 167,000 square kilometers and a population of 38.27 million.
    Jiangxi's countryside varies from flat plains in the north to beautiful mountains in the east, south, and west. The land surface is a bit like a basin. 70% of the region is mountains and hills, and from here most of the major rivers originates, They flow through the province before emptying into Lake Boyang which then joins the Yangzi River in the north. Jiangxi has a subtropical monsoon climate.
image of Jindezhen Chinaware     The province is rich in mineral deposits. Tungsten ore and copper ore are the main minerals here. Besides some other minerals, such as coal, iron ore, sulphuretted iron ore, lead ore, zinc ore, and rock salt are also available.
    Jiangxi province is a major producer of rape, timber, and fresh-water fish. Its chief crops are rice and rape.
    The heavy industry of Jiangxi consists of ferrous metal making, ceramics making, engineering, chemical factories, cement factories, and power plants. The positions of ferrous metal and ceramics industries are prominent not only in the province but in China as well. The light industry includes textile, food processing, tea processing, and the manufacturing of paper and sugar.
    The transportation of this province depends to a great extent on its railways, roads and waterways.
image of yingtan     Jiangxi province has many beautiful mountains, rivers and historical relics. Lushan mountain, Jinggang mountain, Sanqing mountain, and Longhu mountain are the most well-known mountains in China.
    The province is also famous for its local traditional products: ceramics made in Jingdezhen, porcelain pictures made in Nanchang, Qianshan bamboo handcraft, Lushan tea, Jinggang mountain bamboo shoots, Nanfeng sweet oranges, and Nanan ducks.

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Lake Boyang


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