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Guizhou - Huangguoshu Falls

    Lying in Anshun county of Guizhou Province, it's formed by 18 waterfalls of various sizes. The Huangguoshu Falls is the largest, measuring 74 meters tall and 81 meters wide. The waters flowing at a capacity of 737 cubic meters per second, come from an area of 770 square kilometers. The thunderous roars of the waterfall can be heard within a distance of 5 kilometers. During the flood season, the torrential waters cascade down some thousand feet from the cliff tops to the Pool of Xiniu encircled on three sides by the mountains, dashing against rocks with deafening noises and throwing up turbulent waves which rise and tumble like thousands of galloping horses. The misty water sprays shot up some hundred meters, sparkling under the sunlight like myriad rainbows. In the dry season, the Waterfall hangs over the precipitous cliffs, swinging like countless silvery chains and plunging into the magic lake as though they were silvery dragons. The most fascinating is the 12 meters high water-screen cave gifted with 6 cave windows, 5 yards, 3 springs and an inner waterfall. One can stroll about the cave, watching through the windows the outside waterfall.
    The three-tier Waterfall of Dripping-water Pool with the greatest drop of water in elevation is located 7 kilometers west of the Huangguoshu Falls. Here two lofty and imposing peaks stand facing each other. The River Valley of Baling looks as if hanging upon the Guansuo Mountain in the west and dives straight down from the entrance of the sky-piercing shuangfeng gorge, cutting across the mountain ranges from west to east, resulting in a multi-tiers waterfall with a total drop of water in elevation of over 410 meters. The upper tier with mountainous waves is named "Heaven-reaching Waterfall". The middle tier, 140 meters tall, is called "Chongyuan Waterfall", while the lower tier, 130 meters tall and often visible, has the name of "Waterfall of Dripping-Water Pool".

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