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    We offer free trip planning, free hotel reservation and free air ticket booking once you hire a vehicle from us.

    All the prices of our rentals are net prices which do not include gas, parking fee, toll fee and other unforeseen cost due to landslides, bad weather and other reasons out of our control. Our prices include one top driver who has many years' driving experience and can drive you safely and comfortably to your dream destinations. Our drivers' meals and lodges will be on their own expenses but we suggest you share your meals with your drivers and that probably makes a good driving journey. All prices are based on departures from Kunming. 
    We offer single airport and hotel transfer as well as short city tours in major cities of China.

Beiing Jeep 4WD

3 seats

Price: 60 USD/Day

Delica 4WD Mini Van

7 seats

Price: 120 USD/Day


3 seats

Price: 65 USD/Day


3 seats

Price: 70 USD/Day

Toyota 4WD

4 seats

Price: 150 USD/Day

4WD Pick Up

3 seats

Price: 100 USD/Day

Mitsubishi 4WD

4 seats

Price: 120 USD/Day


3 seats

Price: 70 USD/Day

Toyota Big Coach

22 seats

Price: 150 USD/Day

Toyota Mini Van

11 seats

Price: 80 USD/Day

Delica Mini Bus

7-11 seats

Price: 80-100 USD/Day


11-15 seats

Price: 100-120 USD/Day

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About Personalized travel

1. What is Personalized Travel?
Personalized Travel is travel as whatever you want, go to see what you really want to see, to eat what you really want to eat, to stay in where you really want to stay, and to experience what you really want to experience. After all, you are the boss.
2. The Benifit of Personalized Travel:
a. Enjoy the personalized service which will meet your desire.
b. You'll always feel relaxed, never be rushed, no matter where you go.
c. Enjoy more flexibility and privacy.
3. We provide excellent services which ensures your comfortable feeling of being at home when traveling with us.

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Travel from Shiquanhe to Zhangmu

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$pecially Priced Tours

Jan. 9. 2004

10 Days China Golden Route (CHN-CLA-11-10)
Includes: Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin & Shanghai

Price: USD 1490$/person

Feb. 18. 2004

27 Days Travel Around China
Includes: Beijing, Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan, Dunhuang, Xi'an, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Chongqing, Yangtze River Cruise, Suzhou & Shanghai

Price: USD 3943$/person

Mar. 12. 2004

18 Days China Classic Tour
Includes: Beijing, Xi'an, Dazu, Chongqing, Yangzi Cruise & Shanghai

Price: USD 2922$/person


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