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Travel from Shiquanhe to Zhangmu

-- Shiquanhe Travel / Zhangmu Travel tour Guide
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  The majestic Himalayan Ranges on the southwestern periphery of the massive Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau extends over 2,400 kilometers. The Gangdise Range lies to its northeast in an almost parallel direction. Between the two mountain ranges lie the Sengge Tsangbo (Shiquan River) Valley, Ge'er Tsangbo River Valley and a number of smaller or bigger valleys with average elevations between 4,250 and 4,400 meters. The source of the Yarlung Tsangbo Glaciers on the northern slope of Himalayas and the river flows eastward in the valley between the two mountain ranges. High and pastures spread along the valleys.

    Traveling from the town of Shiquanhe to Zhangmu along the southern route stretching through the valleys between the two mountain ranges is a most exhilarating experience. Towering snow-capped mountains lie along the road for hundreds of kilometers, presenting scenery of breath-taking beauty. The landscape along the route changes from high land pasture to desolate sandy stretches, lush marshes, lakes, rivers, mountain forests and waterfalls.

    The highland weather can be tempestuous. Clear azure skies can be blackened by thick clouds with rain or even hail all of a sudden and clear up again with a bright rainbow. Even in the summer month of August, overnight snow may shroud the landscape in white. The highland scenery is at its best in the early morning or at dusk with purple colored clouds and fiery snow peaks reflecting the setting sun. Startled rabbits, beavers, eagles and antelopes are here and gone in no time. Only intrepid wild donkeys will gallop along with intruding vehicles in the quietness of the mountain valley. At Jelong Valley, long-tailed monkeys and blue sheep can sometimes be spotted.

    The local traditions and traditional dresses vary for the regions of Ge'er, Tsada, Burang, Zhongba, Jelong and Zhangmu. Their temples and monasteries also show unique styles. The valley region is rich in historical heritage in addition to being an ancient trading route. The Guge ruins in Tsada, the holy Kailash Mountain and Manasarova Lake in Burang County are of historical and religious significance, which attract an endless stream of visitors and pilgrims.

    The remote town of Burang is an oasis at the foot of the harsh and domineering Himalayas. Its ancient history, primitive life style, spectacular mountains and canyons and unique location hold eternal fascination to travelers, pilgrims, scholars and itinerant vendors. The town is also a border trading post with a number of roads extending through the Himalayas to Nepal and India.

    Traveling along a route accompanied by the great mountain ranges of Himalaya and Gangdise the traveler will experience the breath-taking grandeur and beauty of nature on the Roof of the World, the vigor of a primitive life of highland people and the mystery of sacred places of Buddhism. It will be truly an unforgettable experience.


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