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6 Days The World Natural &Cultural Heritage Tour

Includes: Chengdu, Mt.Emei & Leshan Giant Buddha

    The Mount Emei-Leshan Giant Buddha Historic Scenic Area, situated in the Leshan Region, Sichuan Province, consists of two parts, Mount Emei and the Leshan Giant Buddha. In Chinese the name Emei is homonymous to moth brow, to suggest that the mountain is wriggling "like the head of a smaller strain of cicada named qin, and the brows of a moth". The phrase has its origin in The Book of Songs, the first Book of the Five Classics, 140~135B.C. The "brows" of a moth actually refers to its antennas, and the phrase was used later to describe the slenderness and beauty of women. The mountain range looks undulating; the rocks and vegetation seem arranged in infinite layers; they look irresistibly powerful due to the immense vastness in mass and dimension, majestic, beautiful, used to be reputed as " the great beauty of the world". The main peak Golden Summit is 3,099m in elevation. Already in the mid-first century A.D., the first Buddhist Temple Puguang Hall was built on the Golden Summit, and now Moth Brow is one of the four renowned Buddhist mountains in China. Other valuable relics here include Baoguo Temple at the foot of the mountain, first built in Ming Dynasty, where there is a giant porcelain buddha(1415 A.D.) and a red copper Huayuan Pagoda (mid 14th-mid 17th century ); and Qingyin Ge, situated at the foot of Niuxin Ling (Cattle Heart Peak), surrouded by mountains and streams, with overpass like clouds floating, a beautiful neat and elegant place to visit; in addition, the old monastery Hongchunping, where there is two-meter-high one-meter diameter thousand-Buddha lotus lantern; and Xixiang Chi. On the main peak Golden Summit is the Woyun Nunnery, outside of which is the Du-guang Tai (Light viewing Terrace), where tourists can watch the three spectacles of the Moth Brow, viz., the sunrise, the cloud ocean, and about 70-80 times each year, especially in winters, the Buddha's Aureole. The Leshan Giant Buddha is situated at the converging point of three river, the Min, Qingyi and Dadu. the Buddha was cut into a cliffside and took 90 years work(713-803 A.D.,in the Tang Dynasty). Measuring 71 meters, it is the tallest stone buddha in the world. The mount Emei- Leshan Giant Buddha was inlcluded in the list of "World Natural and Cultural Heritage" by UNESCO in 1997.


Arrive in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, which is well known for its hot and spicy food, and the national treasure--Grand Panda. Meet at airport and transfer to your hotel.


Drive from Chengdu to Leshan, visit the Great Buddha, which is the largest stone buddha in the world, it is also a World Culture Heritage. Overnight in Leshan. Taste the local flavor food.


Drive to Mt.Ermei, take cable car go to the Golden Summit, enjoy the sun rising, cloud sea and the magic Buddhist light, Overnight at the Golden Summit.


Walk down the mountain follow the stone-paved path, on the way, visit some temples and lamasery, enjoy the natural scenery, feed the lovely monkeys. At the foot of the mountain, visit Baoguosi Temple, then drive back to Chengdu, dinner is the famous hot pot.


Sightseeing in Chengdu, including visit the zoo to see the grand panda, and taste some famous Chengdu snacks.


After a relaxed breakfast in your hotel, transfer to airport and see you off.

Suitable Time: all year.


more than 10 person:

 USD 774$/person

6-9 person:

 USD 894$/person

2-5 person:

 USD 1014$/person

1 person:

 USD 1794$



For child younger than 11 who share one room with parents, the quotation is only 50% of the above price.


Single supplement is USD 200$.

 The Price Include:


Stay in 4 star and 3 star hotels.


Using minibus when travel.


Three standard meals each day.


All tickets of visiting spots.


English speaking guide.

 Not Include In The Price:


International air fare and all airport tax.


Personal expenses.


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