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12 Days Viewing Flowers In Jade Dragon Snow Mt.& Haba Snow Mt.

Includes: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mt. & Haba Snow Mt.

    Yunnan is called the Kingdom of Plants. There are l5000 species of higher plants, and as many as 2500 species ornamental plants. The propriety of temperature and humidity ensures a smooth growth of forest. All those beautiful flowers are waiting for you quietly in the high mountains, Come to view them, to record them, to research them, before they disappeared from the earth.
    Jade Dragon Snow Mt. and Haba Snow Mt. stands face to face across the Yangtze river which flows between the two mountains and formed the famous Tiger-leaping Gorge. There are numerous plants and animals living in the mountains. The main peak of the Jade Dragon, Shanzidou, rising 5596m above sea level, is still a virgin peak.
    Haba Snow Mt. rise 5396m above sea level, there are 3 big lakes up the mountain. It is an ideal adventure place with beautiful scenery. In October l995, our company organized a group to reach the top of Haba Snow Mt. successfully. 


Arrive in Kunming, Sightseeing in the city.


Kunming to Dali, Sightseeing in Dali Old Town.


Dali to Lijiang, Sightseeing in Lijiang Old Town.


Take chair-lift up the Jade Dragon Snow mountain, Viewing flowers, Stay in Lijiang.


Viewing flowers at the foot of the snow mountain. Stay in Lijiang.


Drive from Lijiang to Qiaotou Town where is the entrance of the Tiger-leaping Gorge. Then trek up the Haba Snow Mt., Viewing flowers, Stay in no star guesthouse.


Viewing flowers in the mountain.


Visit 3 beautiful lakes, viewing flowers around the lakes.


Trek down the mountain to Qiaotou Town, Relax.


Qiaotou to Dali, Sightseeing in Dali.


Dali to Kunming, Relax.


Sightseeing in Kunming then depart.

Suitable Time: Apr. to Jun. Best Time: May.


more than 10 person:

 USD 1188$/person

6-9 person:

 USD 1308$/person

2-5 person:

 USD 1428$/person

1 person:

 USD 2388$



For child younger than 11 years old who share one room with parents, the price is only 50% of the above price. If the child needs an extra bed, the price is USD10$ per day.


Single room supplement is USD 440$.

 The Price Include:


Stay in 4 star hotels in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang. Stay in no star guesthouse in Qiaotou. Camping up the Haba snow mountain.


Using minibus when travel.


Three meals each day.


All tickets of visiting spots.


English speaking guide.

 Not Include In The Price:


Air fare and airport tax.


Personal expenses.


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