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20 Days Pilgrimage Trekking around the Holy Mt.Meili

Includes: Kunming, Shangri-la & Deqin

    Meili Snow Mountain (also called Prince Snow Mt.) is seated at the west end of the White Horse Snow Mountain, higher and more elegant compared with the White Horse. The local Tibetans regard it as a Holy Mountain. Each year in autumn, the Tibetan people come from far and near gathering here for Hajj the Prince Snow Mountain. One thing we would like to warn you is that climbing Meli Mountain could be very dangerous. Several attempts have been made to conquer Meli Mountain since 1990, but all failed.

    In 1991, a Sino-Japan joint climbing team were very close to the main peak-Kawagebo when it began to snow heavily. The team were forced to abandon the climbing plan, and the whole team died on the way of returning to No.3 Base of 5,100 meters above sea level, including 6 Chinese and 11 Japanese, which marked the greatest sacrifice in the history of mountain- climbing in China. It's until in July,1998 that the frozen corpses of the team were found. 

    The best season for visiting the Prince Snow Mountain is in the fall time and it must be clear day. The snow-capped Meili Mountains, whose every peak is the subject of an enchanting tale. The glacier at the foot of the peak extends 11,000 feet downward to a surprisingly low level, seeming to plunge into the Lancang (Mekong ) River.

    In Tibet, there are 13 holy mountains, among them, Meili Snow Mt. is regarded as No.1 because it is the only male, in Tibetan legend, the main peak of Meili, Kawagebo, is a handsome prince. Every year in autumn, the Tibetans from Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai and Tibet will take a pilgrimage trekking around the holy mountain, to worship the prince, to pray for good future. To many Tibetans, this pilgrim is the most important thing in their life, because they believe, trekking once they can get a lifetime's peace and safe, if they can make this trekking for 3 times in this life, then they can go to the paradise after this life.

    This pilgrim trekking has more than 600 years history, the scenery on the way is breathtakingly beautiful, the ecology system is well preserved, even the animals you meet are not afraid people because nobody want to hurt them, all the villagers are very friendly and hospitable. You will not believe it until you come to take this trekking by yourself. We think this is the most classic trekking route in China. It's guaranteed unforgettable.


Arrive in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, meet at airport and transfer to a 4 star hotel.


Take a morning flight to Zhongdian, then drive 186 km to Deqin, en route, visit Dongzhulin Monastery, sightseeing in White Horse Snow Mountain which is a national level nature reserve. Stay in a 3 star hotel in Deqin.


Drive 50 km from Deqin to Yangza village(1960m), hire horses and horsemen to take your backpack and all the supplies. Then trek for 3 hours to Yongbao village where elevation is about 2480m. Camping in Yongbao village.


Trek about 8 hours from Yongbao to Yongxitong(3100m), Camping.


Relax in Yongxitong for one day, this is a very pretty place where you can pick many edible mushrooms for your lunch and dinner. Camping.


Trek about 8 hours from Yongxitong to Zisutong, en route you will cross the Douge Rila Mt. Pass where elevation is about 4487m; Camping in Zisutong.


Trek about 8 hours from Zisutong to Qunatong which is a highland pasture in Chayu county of Tibet. Stay in a log cabin or camping. Tigers often be sighted by local Tibetans.


Trek about 8 hours from Qunatong to Abing village, en route you will see many Mani stones and a special spot with a lot of bowls and old clothes because every passerby will leave one bowl and one old clothes to this place. the Tibetan legend said by doing so one can enjoy a never-hungry and never-cold next life. Abing is a village nearly no western traveler has been and the villagers are very simple and hospitable. Stay in Tibetan house.


Relax in Abing village, visit the local Tibetan families. Enjoy a bonfire party at night in the square of the local elementary school.


Trek about 6 hours from Abing village to Qizhu, en route you will see many ancient stone carves on the cliff, one of the stones is a must-touch for all the pilgrims, sightseeing at the confluence of Nu River and Abing River, enjoy a hot spring bath by the side of the river where elevation is about 1780m. If you like fishing, here is a good place. Camping.


Trek about 7 hours from Qizhu to Chanan village where elevation is 2500m. Stay in the local Tibetan house.


Trek about 2 hours from Chanan to Gebu and have one day rest. Stay in the local Tibetan house.


Trek about 9 hours from Gebu to Ladilazan, en route you will cross the Gebula sacred mountain pass where the elevation is about 4100m. Camping.


Trek about 3 hours from Ladilazan Shulaka where elevation is about 3090m. Camping.


Trek about 9 hours from Shulaka to Soula mountain pass where the elevation is about 4815m, then trek down and camp in Duotong which is 3200m high.


Trek about 5 hours from Duotong to Maylishi village, where elevation is 2150m, then drive 58 km back to Deqin. Stay in the 3 star hotel. 


Drive 186 km from Deqin to Zhongdian, en route sightseeing at Napa Lake which is a nature reserve for bird protection, upon arrival in Zhongdian, visit the Songzanlin Monastery which is the largest Gelupa style temple in Yunnan with more than 800 monks and 3 living buddhas. Stay in a 4 star hotel.


Drive 200 km from Zhongdian to Lijiang, on the way, sightseeing in the Tiger-leaping Gorge which is 3000 m deep yet only 30 m across at the narrowest part that the local legend said once a tiger leaped across the mighty Yangtze from here, hence the name. Upon arrival in Lijiang, check into a 4 star hotel.


Sightseeing in Lijiang old town which is a World Culture Heritage. You will enjoy the fascinating cobbled lanes with canals run through the whole town. Stay in the 4 star hotel.


Take a morning flight to Kunming, then connect your flight home.

Best Time: Sep. Oct.


more than 10 person:

 USD 1980$/person

6-9 person:

 USD 2180$/person

2-5 person:

 USD 2380$/person

1 person:

 USD 3980$



For child younger than 11 who share one room with parents, the quotation is only 50% of the above price.


Single supplement is USD 380$.

 The Price Include:


Stay in the above hotels.


Using 4WD jeeps when travel.


Three meals each day including several picnic lunch.


All tickets of visiting spots.


English speaking guide.


We will provide camping equipment including sleeping bag, tent and mattress.


We will take oxygen tank in case you need it.


We will take satellite phone, if you want to use it, the price is USD 2.5$/min.


We will take a GPS (Satellite Position Locator).


We will take walkie-talkies.


Special permit for entering Tibet.


Horse-hire fee.


Domestic air fare.

 Not Include In The Price:


International air fare and all airport tax.


Personal expenses.


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